🎬Using the Editor

This guide will show you a few tips and tricks for for editing your blog posts, so that you can use BlogeaAi efficiently!

  • An outline with 5 headings and a short content description will be automatically generated using your idea. You are free use these headings and content or you can edit/delete them.

Using the Editor

The "Enter" key is among the most important shortcuts as it creates new content blocks. Pressing "Enter" within any block will split the text and create a new block.

The editor contains heading (H2) and paragraph blocks for each row of content. Each block can be edited, as well as the title.

Many of the common keyboard shortcuts work with the editor, and you can view the full list of shortcuts here: Shortcuts

Edit a heading or paragraph

  • To edit, simply click on a heading or paragraph and you will notice a blue outline. You can now edit the block.

Create a new heading or paragraph

  • To add a new heading or paragraph, click the plus sign between the blocks where you would like the new block to be created.

  • Now click the left most plus and select "H2" or "Paragraph". The default is Paragraph.

Create using the BlogAssistant

  • Inside any new heading or paragraph block type: "/" (forward slash) and the BlogAssistant menu will appear. Please provide specific instructions for BlogAssistant here, detailing the type of content you want to create.

  • This works for both headings and paragraphs.


  • "Explain how GitBook helps solo developers create documentation for their applications."

  • "Create a section explaining the main features of GitBook."

  • BlogAssistant will take your input, add it to the chat window, and begin loading a response. Once complete the response will have two options:

    • Accept changes - accept the response and add it to the heading or paragraph.

    • Decline changes - decline the response and discard it.

Inline Editing

  • Select all the content text (Ctrl + A) or a portion of the text, in a heading or paragraph, and a menu will appear. This menu has 4 options:

    • Expand: Intelligently expands on the currently selected text.

    • Concise: Rewords the selected text so it is more clear and concise.

    • Reword: Rephrases a word or block of text.

    • Ask: Ask the BlogAssistant a specific question about the selected text.

      • Enter your question in the chat window.

    • Edit: Customize the selected text using your own instructions. (ex. make the tone more fun and make the paragraph shorter)

      • Enter custom instructions in the chat window.

  • For Expand, Reword, and Edit you will be prompted to either Accept or Decline the changes in the chat window.

Editor Toolbar

The editor tool bar is always located at the top of the page. It contains information about your blog, as well as some useful tools.

These tools include:

  • Undo and Redo buttons

  • Export

  • Save Indicator - Your blog is automatically saved the moment you move from a content block.

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