🛠️Creating a Blog About GitBook

This example will show-off the main features of BlogeaAi and demonstrate how to use them effectively. The main goal of BlogeaAi is to enhance YOUR writing with the help of an AI-powered Co-Writer. This will allow you to create high quality content faster and with less effort!

We focus on writing, so our design is minimal, consisting only of the editor, inline editing tools, and a chat window. The thought is that BlogeaAi is a place for you to focus on creating and polishing your writing/content. You can then export to other tools for advanced formatting and adding imagery.

🎆 Lets get started!

Step 1: Add the Idea

It is important to be specific with your idea for best results. Our AI thrives on clear, detailed instructions.

For this example we will use a short but descriptive idea:

"using GitBook to create a user guides and other documents for BlogeaAi, an AI powered co-writing web app."

Now you might be wondering "is the AI is familiar with BlogeaAi?". The answer is NO, but we will show you how to tackle that after the outline has been created.

Step 2: Add Additional Details

As previously mentioned, our AI is not familiar with BlogeaAi as it is a new product. This is fine! We can add some additional context for the AI to use when Co-Writing our blog.

We have already added the BlogeaAi product statement using the Additional Details menu, so we will simply select it from the list and use it for this blog too.

Step 3: Review the Outline

An outline with 5 headings and 5 paragraphs with short descriptions will be created. This is meant to be a starting point!

You may want to edit or change these to fit your needs. For this example we will accept what the AI has created for us.

Step 4: Expand your Content

Now this is where things get interesting!! BlogeaAi's true power resides in its inline editing functionality.

Selecting the all the text in the first paragraph will activate the inline editing menu. By selecting "Expand" we use the BlogAssistant to help us create some more content for this paragraph.

Again this is meant to help us get start started by slowly building out our blog, section by section. In most cases we would edit, rearrange and add our own personal touch!

Step 5: Reword your Content

I have taken the expanded content and made some edits, as well as split it into two paragraphs.

Now I am struggling with the second paragraph and I am feeling stuck. To help I can use the "Reword" command!

Step 6: Ask About you Content

Suppose you are curious or have a specific question about something in your content. The "Ask' command allows you to ask the BlogAssistant question about your blog!

For this example we will ask: "What is the main feature of BlogeaAi?"

Step 7: "Edit" your Content

Sometimes you are not able to express exactly what you want. This is where the "Edit" command comes to save the day!!

Maybe you want a more professional tone or a more concise statement, the "Edit" command lets you instruct the BlogAssistant exactly the way you want when inline editing.

For the example we will instruct the BlogAssistant to: "Be more clear and simplify the language." for our second paragraph.

Step 8: Using the Chat

The chat is a great place to ask questions and brain storm new idea's for sections and content.

We will ask: "Who created GitBook?" and "What other interesting facts can you tell me about GitBook?"

Step 9: Create a New Paragraph

Another great way to create content is using the inline BlogAssistant. Typing the command "/" (forward slash) into an empty paragraph or heading allows you to tell the BlogAssistant exactly what you want!

Again this is a starting point for your content, edit and add your personal touch!

I will create a new paragraph using the following: "Explain the different types of media GitBook supports."

Step 10: Repeat and Edit!

The editor tools and commands allow you to rapidly take your idea from concept to quality! Use these tools as much or as little as you need.

Step 11: Export

When finished you can easily export to plain text, HTML (best for WordPress), or Microsoft Word. This allows you to format and add imagery to your blog.

Final Thoughts

I hope this example showed you the capabilities of BlogeaAi and how it can enhance your writing. If you have any questions please reach out at: support@blogeaai.com

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